Melvin E. Irvin 

Be Willing to Fight

The Social Security disability system is complex with many ways of being denied.  If you truly believe you are disabled, you must be willing to fight for your benefits.  However, it would not be wise to tackle the fight alone.  You need the help of those who are experienced in dealing with the Social Security disability system.

No-Up Front Fee

We charge no up-front fee, and your future monthly benefits will not be affected.
In return, we will act as your authorized representative before the Social Security Administration.  Representation will assure that your case receives fair consideration from the SSA.  We will guide your case through each of the appeal processes. Using our knowledge of the disability program, we will act whenever possible to speed up your case so that you receive your decision faster.  We will carefully review the evidence in your case and formulate a written argument on your behalf.You will receive a copy of your case argument at the same time it is sent to the SSA.

Your Personal Advisor

We will act as your personal advisor during the initial application process, reconsideration and Administrative Law Judge hearing levels. We will protect you as much as possible from being misled or overlooked by the Social Security Administration. If you would like to start our service, e-mail us at or call us at (408) 247-7538

so we may discuss your case and give you a free assessment.


  • It is important that you understand we cannot guarantee that your case will be won as a result of our actions. However, if your case is denied while being handled by us, we will apply and present your case before an Administrative Law Judge. If a formal hearing is required, we will be there with you to represent you.