Melvin E. Irvin 

Tips to Help Win Your Claim

Applying for SSDI or SSI?
Tips to Improve Your Chances of Success
National figures show that approximately 70 percent of all initial applications for Social Security Disability benefits are denied by the Social Security Administration. If you are applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), here are some tips that may improve your chances for success on initial application or appeal:

  • Visit a doctor to document your condition
  • Fully explain your condition and symptoms to your doctor
  • Obtain documentation of your disorder/impairment
  • If your initial application is denied, appeal within 60 days
  • Understand that most initial applications are denied
  • Do not quit, the SSA denies initial claims because it saves them money
  • Keep appealing in a timely fashion when denied
  • Take necessary medical prescriptions and follow doctors orders
  • Make thorough notes and keep an organized file of all records
  • Be prepared to discuss your case: know the facts of your case
  • Be patient: even with an attorney, the process takes time
  • Retain a lawyer to handle your case