Melvin E. Irvin 

Award-winning public speaker

Mr. Irvin is a non-attorney disability appeals representative, practicing before the Social Security Administration where he represents claimants applying for Social Security disability benefits. Mel has represented claimants before the Social Security Administration since 1996.

Mr. Irvin was awarded the prestigious “Advocate of the Year Award” by the San Jose Division of the state of California Department of Rehabilitation.

Mel has also been serving as an appointee of the City of San Jose to the Disability Awareness Day Committee. The Disability Awareness Day is held each October and attracts several thousand disabled persons, caregivers and providers and is held at the City Hall.  He is also the Silver Sponsor of the event for the City.

He is an award-winning public speaker, has been representing the disabled  since 1996, and is very proud to be a U. S. Marine Vietnam veteran.