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Most people do not realize that Social Security disability is not a welfare program.  If you have ever worked at a job, you have probably paid into the system.  Since you have paid into the disability insurance program, you deserve the best possible chance to receive benefits if you are totally disabled. You may have already discovered that just applying for benefits is not enough.

I have conducted approximately 1000 seminars in the past and am an award-winning public speaker. We are always pleased to speak with groups about the Social Security disability program.  Contact our office to arrange a workshop.

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“Social Security fought me all the way.  Mel helped me get disability benefits.  I tried to do it myself but was turned down at the first two levels, The Initial Application and Reconsideration levels.  I had to go to a hearing before a judge. Mel was there with me all the way.  He was responsive to all of my telephone calls and kept telling me to keep my chin up.  Mel was a Godsend”

Linda C.

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Melvin E. Irvin 

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If you are about to apply for Social Security benefits, or your Social Security Disability claim has been denied, Mr. Irvin is ready to help. He is focused solely on receiving satisfactory results for Social Security applicants who need help in getting their claims accepted.
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